Corn Beef


Corn Beef Recipes

It's called corned beef in Jamaica, corn beef in the U.S. and salt beef in the U.K., and they all reference and refer to salt-cured beef by products.


There are three main types:


1. Wet-cured in spiced brine - usually made from brisket or round steak, and tends to be supple and tender due to the brining process.

2. Dry-cured with granular salt beef - tends to be much drier and firmer in texture, even after rehydration, and can be made from various cuts of beef.

3. Canned minced salted meat - ground salted beef that is crumbly and oily, and made from various portions of beef.


Here we've featured varying types of corn beef recipes (for the various methods). We hope you find them useful. Please use the links at right to access our featured corn beef recipes.